The combination of high quality and sustainable production is KASON’s key to success. We have a CNC-steered woodworking process and a highest level connection technology. In doing so we respect the specific properties of every wood species in the whole production process. We consider it as our duty to lead our company according to ecological principles. This can be seen in the whole production process, from the use of raw materials, the production facilities to the operating funds, waste utilization and our production philosophy. We primarily work with the the raw material wood which we see as a present of our nature. Due to our self-sufficient production chain we operate regardless of international prices for raw materials, fulfil highest quality demands and take care to our environment!

We purchase our wood from sustainable forestry with the PEFC-signet.

PEFC is the largest institution to ensure sustainable forestry with an independend certification system.  Wood and products out of wood with the PEFC-signet come demonstrably from ecologic, economic and social sustainble forestry.

With our 500 kWp photovoltaic facility we produce electricity for our own current demand in the fabrication. Also with our new water varnish machine we make an important contribution to the protection of our environment. The used water paints are very eco-friendly due to the reason that they are free of formaldehyde and heavy metals, furthermore they only include small quantities of organic solvents. Our equipment guarantees almost a lossfree utilization of the important raw material wood.